I usually arrange my Sunday mornings around an American Top 40 repeat from the 1970s. Whether I am writing, reading, or battling weeds in the yard, Casey Kasem and the hits from 40+ years ago keep me company. While I confess that this habit provides a nostalgic comfort, what I…

Exploring the goodies Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) offers is a kid-in-the-candy-store experience. From Machine Learning gewgaws to Text Extraction baubles, the variety of services is both enticing and overwhelming. There are so many things to sample, it is impossible to know where to start.

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Training and tutorials have their place…

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Not every developer finds joy in code reviews. I’ve heard them called a necessary evil and a waste of time. Some developers view them with fear and loathing. Fortunately, I have never participated in a code review process that was a bureaucratic nightmare or treated as an opportunity for ridicule…

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Lumber to lumber
Screws to screws
The last play’s set
Is yesterday’s news

Under the lights
It had its brief day
Now its pieces
Await the next play

…we’d be doing it all wrong.

The line above, delivered by Stacey Kent during the chorus of Make It Up, is dappled with irony, because Ms. Kent and her band conducted the room at Blues Alley. …

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Tuesday. The worst day of the week. Monday had a worse rep, but it still possessed some residual weekend glow. By Tuesday, all was drudgery.

Raining, of course. Not too many people at the gym. February rain and faded resolutions had thinned the herd. …

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No seats. Usually there was at least one, sometimes it was even on the aisle. Marianne loathed the passive-aggressive seat hogs who parked on the aisle, forcing anyone who wanted to sit into an awkward “excuse me” and crawl-over to reach the window seat. But even that option was unavailable…

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Software Wrangler, Sometimes Writer

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